59 thoughts on “Physics

  1. ur website is awesome n is expecting physic’s books arrival 2 ur website soon :)
    actly its too difficult to read physics NCERT (as it is black n white) bt i enjoy reading the same at this website .. :P

  2. Sir,I am student of class 10 and have finished my public exams.Now i am trying to read intermediate books.By luck i saw the link i have read a topic named thermo dynamics it was very clear i understood most of the things in it.I hope you will publish physics book also.I’ll be eagerly waiting for the book.Please publish it soon Sir.

  3. sir, i am a student of state u know..neet requires a lot information other than state board books..thank uu soo muchh for publishing these books..surely this will save money….last but not the least…physics :D…i wonder why ur site doesnt come in google search results

  4. plz… publish physics +1,+2’s very useful and iam very happy and interested to study sir.plz publish the chapters soon………..

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